Security & Data Protection

Access Point & Beacon Sensors

Coverage Points platform is a cloud-based software that enables you to manage your customers data within your location. Our software engine extracts and processes all relevant data, store it in top-tier cloud storage, and provide it to you in a well designed dashboard form.

Accurate pinpointing improves zone-based location measurement over Wi-Fi dramatically. In a retail setting this could mean the difference between pinpointing a whole aisle, or identifying all the individual products on that aisle. Depending on the type of deployment, Wi-Fi tracking accuracy can be improved from 7-10 metres to within 2-3 metres. 

Coverage Points uses AWS Cloud as its storage provider. This will allow us to maintain all data in a highly secured cloud environment. We can also provide other storage options to those who would like to adapt to certain regulatory restrictions.

Security & Data Protection


Cloud-Based Storage


Coverage Points​ Wi-Fi & Beacon sensors come with strong capabilities in location accuracy. They provide a cost-effective, viable alternative to Bluetooth location technology. Not only enabling accurate location information, the sensors can be powered over USB or PoE so no swapping out batteries.


Access Point & Beacon Sensors

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Public Wi-Fi providers need to be aware of their obligations under the global data protection regulations and the local regulator CITC.  Coverage Points maintain users Data under the  Data Protection Act 1998.
The Data Retention (EC Directive) Regulations 2009 assists in the prevention and detection of organised crime and terrorism. It is best practice for service providers to retain certain communications data. Purple stores this data in line with the requirements of the regulation on secure third party Amazon web servers. 


Coverage Points not only provide a secure login process to its customers, but also separates the business Wi-Fi from the guest Wi-Fi. This will protect your private network and EPOS systems. Even during the Data Analytics processing, we ensure that all users devices IDs, users extracted data, and users stored data are highly secured with best in class data protection.

Coverage Points platform is open source and compatible with most vendors AP. So you can deploy our solution on your existing infrastructure! 

Cloud-based Storage